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Honda S2000 - NOS Q&A

Our recent NOS install video had more views in the first 24 hours than any other MCM video in history. With over 250,000 views in the first day I thought I’d take a minute to respond to some of the comments on the YouTube video!   Whats with the vinyl stripe on the S2000? We made a DIY video showing how to install vinyl stripes. This was done as an example to show people what was possible by matching the stripe colour to the interior of the car. It’s not meant to be specifically “stylistic”. It was just..  - Read More

Marty's Gramps Build Diary in PICTURES!

The gramps build has been a pretty epic journey so far. After purchasing a Liberty Wagon from Mechanical Stig, the challenge was laid down to create an 11 second car. That can be pretty easy, if you're willing to forgo all the creature comforts and practicalities of a Daily driver. But this HAD to remain a usable daily driver. In this series of photos from the build i'll share with you some of the highlights of the build so far...   There were few preliminary visits i needed to make before starting the project. One of the key differences about this..  - Read More

Watch MCM in the Air!

We're proud to announce that you can now watch two of our most popular feature length films on Jetstar Planes on flights within and out of Australia! No internet required, and a mad way to pass some time while travelling around. Both turbos and temples:  AND Kei to the City are currently available:  And coming soon, the entire Lend Us a Ride Series will be available to watch while flying.      - Read More

USA West Coast 2014

We jumped on a plane in Sydney and started the 14 hour flight to LAX. Shortly after leaving LAX and finding our hotel we stumbled out into the sunshine (it was around 2am body clock time for us!) and found some food. Mexican looked good so we smashed some tasty taco's.. and here we learned our first important US lesson. Sauce is Free. And there is an abundance of it. This impressed Marty highly. Walking back from the Taco joint heading towards the beach we spotted this delivery vehicle. Sure beats driving a Getz to deliver salty pizza! Shortly afterwards..  - Read More

Official Queensland Meet 2014 - Marty's Road Trip Diary

Last Saturday was the first official MCM Queensland meet that both MOOG and I attended. It was organised by the Brisbane MCM Fan Group and led by our mate Tooza and his gang of legends. A lot goes into a meet like this, we like to make the meets fun and interesting, get to spend some time with people who like the show, get some photos, see some cars and get some of our stickers, shirts and other gear that is so often requested. The best way to make that happen was to saddle up Gramps, the trusty MCM project..  - Read More

Money Pits

Marty takes us through a story of love and loss that most car enthusiasts encounter along their journeys of automotive discovery. If you’ve spent any serious amount of time modding cars, you’ve probably had a money pit. You know the kind of car
 I mean, no matter how much love and attention you give it – it’s just not enough. That car will bite you in the wallet at every single possible opportunity, and always with the worst timing. Your friends and family will tell you to get rid of it, but you won’t. It was probably your first car,..  - Read More