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  We got an awesome response to our video of racing Super gramps and Mod Max at Sydney Speedway recently. It happened by luck that a friend of MOOG's invited us down the day before they were due to resurface their track for the upcoming race season. We knew MOD MAX would be a lot of fun on dirt and clay so loaded up a trailer and took it down there. We got so busy running down mannequins in the finale to our Build Series of MOD MAX, that we decided a proper car review of the V8 Silvia was..  - Read More

It's time to paint Supergramps... and you're invited

  Many loyal fans will remember the pain that was the original gramps being washed away earlier this year. Gramps was caught in a colossal downpour that rendered its wiring and panels beyond repair  Luckily with the help of Moog, Mechanical Stig and the guys from AM Auto, the custom made EZ36 engined turbocharged monster was re born into a generation 4 Subaru liberty wagon. And while it was a huge upgrade in terms of refinement, there was no hiding the fact this car had been well and truly used. It had been described as 'the kid transport vehicle' -..  - Read More

Going Too Fast Can Hurt

Modifying cars can be one of the most satisfying things you can do in your garage. Until someone has successfully made a machine better using just some tools, their hands and some know-how – they’ll never quite understand what keeps sending us back under the leaky old bucket of a car to get covered in yet another type of fluid that is supposed to stay inside the engine. Some modifications take much more skill than others, and while it is important to push yourself so that you learn – it’s also important to understand that the second you take your machine..  - Read More

Do you think this would fit on my...?

In Episode 5 of the Gramps Build, MOOG asked Turbo Yoda if a variety of parts would fit on his honda... (at 24m12s) As the internet sometimes does, it soon became a meme..     And then this happened (for full image credits, refer to our Facebook page here) Some of these are a little un-PC, but all have been included because its a bit of fun.                      and to top it off... Massive props to all the fans who took the time to create the epic memes, your skills are..  - Read More

10 Random Facts about the First episode of MCM

  Its MCM’s 7th birthday, so I decided to compile 10 random facts about our first episode that was uploaded back in January 2008   1) We originally came up with the idea of making a car show in 2007. YouTube was brand new and not many people knew what it was. We’d been experimenting with Flash Video for some other projects and then thought we’d try this new thing called ‘YouTube’    2) The show was originally going to be called ‘Clean & Green Car’ and was meant to be a blog style format all about small economical cars, with..  - Read More

Your Honda Questions Answered

After some vigorous discussion in the YouTube comments section yesterday from various experts, I thought i’d respond to some of the common questions.    Why did you replace the speakers and the amp? The gear in the car was blown and not functioning. If it was working, we’d solder it up and save ourselves some money and some time. Before we had pulled the door trims off Marty had offered to go and get some parts. We are trying to do this make over on a pretty tight budget and that has dictated a lot of our decisions so far.  ..  - Read More