Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Get The Episodes on DVD?

Yes. A range of DVD's and BluRays are all available on our online store. The DVDs have bonus material and sometimes extra episodes. We offer very inexpensive postage anywhere in the world. The DVD's stop at Season 6 because episodes from Season 7 onwards are too big, too epic, too long and too higher res for DVD.

How Often Do Episodes Come Out?

Each year we will release around 50 videos. MCM is an awesome part of our lives, but we both work other jobs, and have commitments other than the show, including family, work and other creative projects. We also spend a lot of time working on our own cars, and don't have time to film everything. Often when working on our own cars we just want to get the job done, rather than video everything we do which takes much longer.

How Long Does It Take To Make An Episode?

Depending on what the subject is, a typical episode will range from a few days through to a couple of weeks. We come up with the initial idea, then buy all of the parts, and then film over a week or two. Then we'll write the music, edit it, and then do voice overs and an audio mix. To make a 10 minute episode we'll shoot about 2-3 hours of footage, depending on the subject.

Who Actually Makes The Show?

It is literally a two person production team (MOOG & Marty) We set up the camera and then jump in front of it once it's recording, occasionally we have mates help film or a small crew if its a feature episode or battles. We're also very lucky to have friends and people from the forum who help us by appearing in episodes, and help run the forum, pack merchandise, write for the magazine and organise meets.

What Gear Do You Use To Make The Show?

We have a variety of cameras including DSLRs and ProResHD cameras. We use 8 cameras all up including GoPro cameras that we can mount on our cars. A lot of the episodes are shot with a Video Camera as opposed to a DSLR as DSLR's are often not nimble enough to work around and under cars while we are shooting. We do all our post production with Macs using Final Cut Pro. Sound and music is done in ProTools.

When Will The Next Episode Go Up?

The rate that episodes go up varies depending on what else we are doing, and the content of the episode but usually there are videos going up every week. Best thing to do is keep your eye on the MCM Facebook as we update there what is happening. 

How Many People Watch MCM?

MCM now gets millions of views each week. They come from all over the world and from many different cultures. We travel as often as we can to do fan meets in various parts of the world.

How Did You Guys Meet?

We met at a recording studio in a high school music department. Marty had a Legacy GT and I (Moog) had a Type-X 180. I took Marty for a drive, almost crashed and we were friends ever since.

Do You Guys Have Any Qualifications?

We both went to university but did not study in the automotive industry. We are not mechanics, or engineers and have no formal automotive qualifications. We are self taught and learn as we go in our garage.

How Did You Learn To Work On Cars?

We broke lots of them. And then tried to fix them. That is the best way of learning. Forums have also been great and have loads of great info. These days the wealth of information available online makes it easier to see exactly how things are done.

Do You Have Merchandise?

Yes. We sell Tshirts, Magazines, Vinyl Cut Stickers, Music, DVD's and a variety of mad things for your car. We ship anywhere in the world! You can find everything here:

You guys have a Magazine?

Yes! We did some issues of MCM Magazine which is a digital download only. Once your payment goes through, a download link will be sent to your registered PayPal email address. Check your junk mail folder if it does not appear in your main inbox.

Where Can I Find MOOG's Music And The Music From The Show?

MOOG writes all of the music in Mighty Car Mods and has done since the beginning. Occasionally when a group of songs are popular we'll upload them to iTunes or the MCM store. The music is created specifically as driving music, to complement and enhance your own driving experience.

All of MOOG's music can be found on this iTunes link:

If you do not have iTunes the songs are also available as direct Digital Download from the MCM Shop

Can I use MOOGs Music On My Own Videos??

Yes! You can download any music you like from iTunes and use it on your videos but there is a chance that you will be breaching copyright (this is the case for any music you buy online and then use yourself) and that YouTube will automatically match it to the files that are on iTunes. How this affects your video is out of our hands but generally we do not have a problem with you using the music for your own personal videos. But you must credit the song in the video including the name of the song, and artist, and include the original iTunes link in your description. This is right thing to do with any music that you use and helps support the artist.

You need to be aware though that you do not "own" any music that you buy from iTunes. You are just paying for the right to listen to it so you cannot claim the music portion of your videos with YouTube as this requires you to own or have created all of the content. The use of any of MOOGs music on any commercial applications like promo videos and sponsored videos is not allowed. The use of the music on any videos deemed offensive is also prohibited.

Content ID flagged my video, why?

Music is created specifically for the show and is tied closely with the videos, therefor youtube flags videos that have music made by someone else and distributes any royalties to the person who made it. The system varies depending on what country you are from. We have instructed Youtube to not takedown any videos that have our music on them, but it may cause an ad to be displayed on it and you won't get paid for the music part of the video. The best way to ensure you don't have any issues is to create your own, or specifically buy royalty free music.

What Kind Of Car Should I Buy?

This is a common question we get, and it is difficult to answer without knowing your budget and the kind of driving you do. We'd rather you did your own research and made the choice based on your needs and budget. You could also try making a post on the "What Car Should I Buy" forum to get advice from other MCM Members.

I Saw A Mod On Your Show But My Friend Told Me To Do It Differently? 

We are not an authority on car modification and we are not qualified mechanics. We offer a guide that will hopefully inspire people to do more research and more work on their car themselves. Don't ever do anything to your car that you're not comfortable with and check the legality of all modifications with an expert or professional in your area.

My Car Is Not Running Properly. Help!

Unfortunately we don't have time to go through every email looking for details about why your car is not running right. Please post up the details on the forum and the MCM crew can try and help you there.

Did You Get My Email?

We do try and read every email that we receive but currently MCM receives hundreds of messages each day. While we can't reply to them all, we do try and read them.

Also something to note, we do not receive Private Messages sent through YouTube or Facebook.

Can You Mod My Car?

No. The idea of our show is that you do it yourself.

How Can I Support The Show?

You can help the show by spreading the word and telling your friends about it. Consider linking one of your favourite videos on your Facebook wall or asking your friends to check out the show. Buying a tshirt, DVD, or buying the music also helps us cover some costs and these are the best ways you can help us. If you are knowledgeable then consider becoming a member on our forum, or MCM Facebook Group and helping others with less experience. This is a great way to help the MCM community, because MCM is not just about cars - most importantly it's about people.