Twin Pack MCM Folding Stool: Max 100kg

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Made out of almighty steel and blacked out for maximum stealthy comfort, we’re proud to introduce the all new MCM Folding Chair! Leave one in your car, one with your tool kit and one in your shed! Perfect for track days, camping, photography, BBQ’s or any event that requires some portable comfort. 

Why did we make these? Well have you ever noticed there’s nowhere to sit at track days and car events? Taking a full camping chair can be too much and we wanted something small, portable and easy to stash in your rig without breaking the bank.

So grab a couple of these bad boys now so you and your mates will never be uncomfortable again at your meet event or bird watching session. 

Dimensions: 41cms x 34cms x 29cms

22mm diameter steel tube legs. Polyester seat fabric.

 Avoid bleach or detergent. Sponge with warm water. Prolonged exposure to sun will cause deterioration.

Warning: Maximum 100kg load. Do not overload.