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Original Sound Track for the Feature Film "Turbos and Temples" Now Available as a Direct digital download from the MCM shop in high resolution 320kbps Mp3 Format. Includes cover art.  
The release of the first MCM Feature Film coincided with the release of the soundtrack to the film. Featuring epic ambient tracks, through to bass heavy glitchy electro this is the equivalent of JDM for your ear balls. This version also includes two bonus tracks; 'Ride' and 'The Pursuit of Speed' from the Need For Speed videos.

 "An electronic ride through Japan. The dynamic tunes from this album range form the chilled, smooth and somewhat eerie tracks 'A New Place' and 'The Kings Of Hokkaido' to the energetic offerings of 'High Speed Run' and 'Feel It All'. An exceptional soundtrack. 5 stars!" - iTunes



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