Turbos & Temples 3 - The Book

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‘Turbos & Temples 3 - The Book’ is a beautiful, 140 page, collectible, soft cover photographic journey that goes deeper into the story of the film.

With stunning photography and behind the scenes stories, you can relive the story of ‘Turbos & Temples 3’ in incredible detail. 

The rear cover reads:

“This book is a photographic journey that follows our story as we (spoilers), while road tripping to (spoiler) in our (spoiler)

Japan has been an annual automotive pilgrimage for us for years, and this time around we are picking up a special car that we purchased sight unseen off the internet: a (spoiler), one of the (spoiler). 

After multiple years of border closures, we were desperate to get back to Japan, and in late 2022 the country finally oponed up for international travel. The same day that Japan announced their borders would be opening, we booked flights and were on one of the first flights out of Australia to the land of the rising sun.

This is Turbos & Temples 3. 

Book is a soft cover, magazine style photographic book.