Season 4 DVD

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The entire fourth season on DVD. Includes bloopers, NZ Trip, Chaser/Cressida build, exclusive DVD only directors commentary.  

Format: Pal. 
Region: 0
Running time: 350mins+

Back Cover Reads:
Marty and Moog are back in this massive double DVD featuring the complete Fourth Season of Mighty Car Mods. Bursting with over 6 hours of tutorials teaching you how to modify your own car, plus automotive adventures in Japan, twisty roads in New Zealand in a pink hatchback and the glam of Las Vegas. The boys show you everything from installing iPads, start buttons and turbos, though to budget repairs and DIY projects including a VW painted with beer and urine. This season also sees the boys busting the myths on common performance mods such as POD filters and electric turbos.
So will a POD Filter make your car go faster? How do you install a sway bar? Whats involved in an engine conversion? How do you repair guttered wheels? How do you build a track car on a budget? And can you really paint a car with beer and urine? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in the this hilarious collection of videos from the worlds most recognisable automotive duo.