Mighty Car Mods Magazine - Issue 8

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Our massive eighth issue of Mighty Car Mods Magazine - available as an instant digital download.

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In this issue:

* Track and Drag specials

* EVO Feature Car

* Gemini Drag Build

* NC MX5 Feature

* Mighty Mira (Three Cars Become One) 

* How to install a Boost Controller (Step by Step)

* We explore Resale Values

* eBay Performance Chip Dissected 

* Moog dives deep into the YouTube comments section

* Street Cred 101 

* Sleepers

* How to Appreciate your car 

* Gran Turismo 6 Feature

* Digital Photography Feature

* Rants from Marty, Moog, IRONGAV and Andrew Hawkins 





For Maximum Digital magazine awesomeness, be sure to set your PDF reader to 'two up' with ‘Show cover page during two-up’ selected. These are located in the ‘View > Page Display’ menu in Adobe Acrobat). This will mean you can see pages side by side. It looks mad, just don't try and rip the pages out. You might hurt yourself. 


NOTE: this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, thats why its cheap and mad, it also saves paper waste and carrier pigeons don't get as tired.. we don't do paper copies... yet!