My Crap Car

Here you can submit your videos for My Crap Car!

To be considered make sure your videos are:
  • Filmed Landscape not Vertical (Vertical videos make unicorns cry)
  • Filmed without wind noise (You can shield your microphone with your hand if its windy)
  • Either have no music or music made by MOOG you have purchased from the Mighty Car Mods Shop or iTunes
  • It's not recommended that you dual upload your video to Youtube as it may get flagged for copyright content which can cause issues with where the videos is displayed. If you're looking to claim advertiser revenue on your video, it's best you upload the video to your own channel and do not submit it to our show.
  • Best settings are 1080p at 25fps in mp4 format at around 15-20mbit
  • You can send us a download link from services like dropbox, hightail, one drive or google drive - or alternatively upload to youtube unlisted and we can download it from there.
  • Have fun!
Submit your videos to and keep your eyes on MCMTV2 to see if we feature your video!