Mighty Car Mods 

is an independent automotive series created by a couple of friends, Marty and Moog who started filming videos on Martys mum's driveway in 2007. They've come a long way since then but still have an unwavering focus of showing viewers great car projects that they can do themselves at home as well as taking them on automotive adventures across the globe.

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Mighty Car Mods - 1 Minute Trailer

Mighty Car Mods Fact Sheet

* Mighty Car Mods was conceived by Marty Mulholland and Blair Joscelyne in late 2007. Their first video went up on January 9th 2008. 

* They have made over 300 videos since that time

* The idea of the show is to teach people basic modifications they can do themselves to improve their own cars, using basic methods that can be achieved at home. 

* The show was originally concieved as an "eco green" show to help people build economical and cheap cars and still continues a focus on smaller cars. 

* The show is produced by Marty and Blair, with occasional help from talented friends. They often research, present, film, edit, grade, compose and release each episode themselves. 

* Mighty Car Mods has a team of volunteers and friends who help with live events, mechanical assistance, travel, production and graphics.

* Currently Mighty Car Mods has on average 4,000,000 views each week with over 1,900,000 Youtube Subscribers. (July 2016)

* 2010 saw the boys travel to Japan to film their first feature film. Shot on location in Hokkaido, the film explores and emotional and spiritual side of car ownership in Japan. They modify a tiny Japanese hatchback before setting off on a road trip around Hokkaido to visit car clubs, temples and discover local cuisine. The film premiered at Hoyts Fox Studios, February 2011. 

* 2010 also saw Marty and Blairs first National Tour of Australia, appearing live on stage in Perth, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney where they revealed a budget show car that they had built using small $1 and $2 donations from people all over the world. The philosophy of the car was for fans to be able to build a proper show car and be involved, even if they didn't have the money to do it themselves. 

* Their 2014 Feature Film titled 'Kei To The City' saw over half a million views of their hour long movie in less than a week, and the soundtrack from the movie, composed completely by Moog (Blair) has charted in over 10 countries and hit number 1 on the Electronic Albums Charts.

* There are Mighty Car Mods fan groups that meet up regularly all over Australia and internationally including Japan, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Canada, Holland, Singapore and the USA.

* Marty and Moog travel around the globe as much as possible to visit car meets.