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A massive sub slamming catalogue of MOOG best tracks in one enormous music pack. Including many of the full length albums, plus singles and remixes. We've made it cheap and mad so you can rock out in your ride but don't blame us when your elderly neighbours come knocking on your door asking you to turn it up.

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Full Track List

The sea Brings Rivalry (Album)

01 Neutral Territory

02 Alive (feat. JS7)

03 Overdrive (feat. JS7)

04 Believe (feat. JS7)

05 Sew It Seams (feat. Erin Renee)

06 Everything Is Found (feat. JS7)

07 Overdriven (blX1r Tokyo Drift Mix)

08 Believe (blX1r Midnight Club Mix)

09 Overdrive (Habitat Remix)

10 Overdrive (Treeboi&Kone Remix)


Turbos and Temples (Album)

01 Turbos & Temples

02 One Foot Forward

03 88

04 A New Place

05 High Speed Run

06 Feel It All

07 The Kings Of Hokkaido

08 On Air (feat. Erin Renee)

09 Lakeside (feat. Erin Clare)

10 Going Home (feat. JS7)


Transformer EP (Album)

01 Transformer 

02 We Will Go Faster 

03 Little Symphony


Kei to the City (Album)

01 Kei To The City (feat Simone Stockl)

02 Everything Bang *

03 I Will Find You (feat ALPHAMAMA) *

04 Amnesia (feat Mark Agustin & Erin Renee)

05 Flee The City * 

06 Drive (feat Erin Renee)

07 Forced Induction * 

08 Highway Crimes (feat Accalia Snow)

09 Remember (feat Nat Joyce)


Chasing Midnight (Ep)

01 Chasing Midnight (feat Erin Renee)

02 All In Your Mind*

03 I Feel You Now (feat Julz)*

04 We Were Young (feat Arc En Ciel)

05 Forever (feat Katia Fuscaldo)



A Place To Hide (feat. JS7)

Smoke and Fire (feat. Erin Renee)

Smoke and Fire (WHITECITYLIGHT Remix)

Game On (feat. Jon Elms) 

See You At The End

Collide (feat. Erin Renee)


Jimmy Rabbit (feat. Mammals)

Take Me Away (feat. Erin Renee)

Everything I Was (feat Erin Renee and Mark Agustin)

These City Lights (feat Hannah Rae)

 I Won't Let You Go (Feat JS7)

Horizons (Feat Erin Renee)

Lift Me Up (Feat 7Skies)