Two Hondas enter, but only one will remain in the MCM shed. It's turbo pssh-pssh versus naturally aspirated ting-ting VTEC purity as the show car battles the JDM icon, and an MCM fan will get to OWN ONE OF THESE CARS!

NOTE: In case you haven't clued-on, you're about to get Major Spoilers dropped on your face if you haven't seen THE LATEST EPISODE of MCM, and I'm not talking about T-wings and fibreglass!  



Are you ready? Really ready, Pookie? Do you mind if I call you Pookie? Thanks Pookie!


Ok so now prepare your interballs to find out whose car is being raffled!


MOOG's new Honda Civic and its associated pssh-pssh shenanigans (see: HERE) have caused all manner of force-disturbances in the Internet. Despite proving itself to have all the boom MOOG could ever want (see: HERE) there are people who want to see the ex-show machine be turned into a 2SEXY-style track beast, while other people are sick of Honda Civics, and some want the mad turbocharged machine restored to preserve a time-period from our era of the car scene.

Anything MCM did to the snot rocket would have upset 2/3 of those people, so there was only one thing to do...



The deal is we are giving the car away to someone in Australia. It is a 2001 Honda Civic sedan with an off-its-chops stereo system, custom interior, custom painted wheels, roulette table in the boot, as well as a turbo, intercooled non-VTEC 1.7-litre engine.

On top of this a bunch of our awesome sponsors have come on board to provide a stack of mad swag to go with the car, so whoever wins it can either fix it up to remember how the late-model car scene was 15 years ago, or strip it and turn it into a mad track beast... or part it out and spend the money on Pokemons.

While it was a much-loved piece of the Auto Salon scene after it was initially built, the years (and subsequent owners) haven't been kind to the poor creature originally known as LIBAS. This vehicle will need a bit of work to return it to the mad state it used to be in, so with that in mind, our sponsors have chipped in with the following swag:

  • ToolPro Toolkit from Supercheap Auto
  • Haltech Elite 550 ECU + Universal Wiring Harness
  • Ryobi 18v Tool Kit including battery
  • WD-40 Specialist Products 
  • Catrol Edge Oil
  • Century Battery (already installed)
  • NGK Spark Plugs 
  • Garmin Smart Watch and Dashcam 
  • GFB Blow Off Valve 
  • Moogs actual outfit from the PSHHH PSHHH music video including shoes, pants, shirt, hat and bum bag  
  • Cheryl’s Box of MCM Mystery Loot

"But how do I win this piece of semi-functional choo-chooing awesomeness, Workshop Manuel?" I'm glad you asked, Pookie!

You need to click on THIS LINK RIGHT HERE, buy a T-shirt and then tell us in 25 words (or less) in the section listed as "ANYTHING WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS ORDER?" why YOU and only YOU should win this sneezing Civic. Pay attention when checking out because we need those 25 words in the right section to make sure you qualify to go in the running to win the car!

This is nearly $10,000 of sweet show car swag, and the prize includes shipping to you anywhere in Australia! If you're from overseas, you can still enter to win $1,000 of MCM Merch and a one of a kind autographed poster. Write in 25 words or less why you think you should win this poster when checking out!

MPORTANT NOTE - please read the Terms & Conditions here: 


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