Why would you buy a car you dislike?

Why would you buy a car you dislike?

There is a school of thought that theorises you can't truly criticise something without having tried it first. I am sure many of us are getting flashbacks to parents forcing Brussels Sprouts down our throats as kids when all we wanted to do was ride skateboards, eat ice cream and play with Voltron*

When MOOG wheeled his new BRZ into the MCM shed, having previously expressed indifference to the new-age Toyota/Subaru sports car, many were puzzled. But there is great logic in taking the time to explore ideas and concepts that you may not align with. 

Living with cars you don't always like will either reinforce the intial beliefs you formed without experience, or you will gain an understanding of why those cars are popular in their particular scene. The thing is, even your favourite cars will have areas you don't totally love - it is why we modify, afterall - so stepping outside your comfort zone to try new automotive experiences isn't as big a risk as you may first think.


While MOOG initially approached the 86/BRZ as an over-hyped, under-powered machine you can see here he quickly found positives in the new machine that didn't involve flat-brim caps or vape clouds.

Is it his new favourite? Well, favourites take some time to become just that! he's experiencing plenty of new things through owning this car and giving him a better idea of what he likes and dislikes in other cars. Knowledge is power, and one of the best ways to educate yourself is to get out there and drive different cars. Even ones you may not like on face value!   


*Author's note: if you're too young to know what Voltron is, look it up, it was rad to the power of sick, dude.

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