Australia cancels simple motorcycles

Australia cancels simple motorcycles

As of November 2021, the Australian government has banned the sale of brand new motorcycles which don't feature two-channel ABS. This law was introduced in 2017 and first took effect in 2019 for all new models of motorcycle being introduced to the Aussie market, but now it will take effect for all existing models. 

While the technology is great and will surely save many riders from being injured - or worse - on roads Down Under, it will mean many of MCM's favourite bikes will no longer be able to be purchased brand new. While many people love thundering Harleys, wickedly fast 1000cc sports bikes, and all manner of two-wheeled awesomeness in between, Marty and MOOG love simple bikes. 

We've seen their Motocompo and Zoomer on the show before, but for machines they actually ride on the road both the lads love the Honda Super-Cub and CT110 "Postie Bike" (so named as thousands have been used by Australia's postal service for decades). 

These "under-bone" frame semi-automatic bikes are simple, rugged, slow, and utterly dependable. They're cheap, fun and chronically endearing as their shortcomings but ridiculous loyalty worm their way into the hearts of all who own them. And now, Aussies won't be able to buy brand new versions.


Motorcycling has many awesome features, from the small space bikes take up (compared to cars), to their cheap entry price for even new examples, they offer an attractive hobby to tinker with, escape the daily grind, or as a great way to get to work quickly. However governments all over the world also realised the freedom a motorcycle affords you becomes a drawback when motorcyclists are involved in crashes - the injury rate and number of fatalities are vastly worse than for cars. 

This is why Australia enacted similar legislation to European and Asian countries to try and make motorcycling safer by ensuring buyers of new motorcycles have access to the best safety technology possible.    

This legislation doesn't affect the sale of second-hand bikes, it is only for new bike sales, so the good news is there are plenty of second-hand motorcycles out there available for dirt cheap which can be fixed up at home using only simple tools, and then be taken on rad adventres. Don't believe me, check out this pic of a CT110 Postie ridden to the centre of Australia - CHECK OUT THE GLOBAL WOMEN WHO RIDE HERE

If you'd like to read the legislation you can do so HERE.

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