Should you impulse-buy projects? Marty did...

Should you impulse-buy projects? Marty did...

Project cars are a wondrous journey of maaad mods and sweet upgrades, but they don't always come along at the most opportune time. Life can be full of adult pressures like bills, free space to put extra cars, the spare time to work on a new project... basically, stuff that isn't as fun as a new project car!

But sometimes a vehicle speaks to us and we just know we will own one of them, some day. For Marty this very situation happened a few months ago when he saw an example of a rare Japanese import for sale, one he'd stumbled across by chance many years before in its homeland and never forgot.

Life can be short, as MOOG's lemon tart found out recently, and so Marty had several months of trying to rationalise whether he went and bought the vehicle he'd seen for sale locally. MOOG, being the impulsive, carpe diem-type fella that he is, was all on board with buying the vehicle (which isn't a car) while Marty was worried about the practicalities of finding the money to buy it and own it, finding somewhere to park it, and more. 

Sometimes we'll see cars suddenly pop up for sale as the owner has spotted a dream machine they *have* to own come onto the market, and this means sacrificing something else. For Marty he's worked incredibly hard to build a garage full of cars he loves and so fire-saling one of his beloved machines wasn't an option.

He had to be rash and impulsive, which isn't typically how Marty rolls, but he now has a vehicle which he's been lusting after for years. 

If you want to check out Marty's new ride, CLICK THIS LINK...

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