Ride the Magic Global Goat around the world of car culture with Mighty Car Mods!

Ride the Magic Global Goat around the world of car culture with Mighty Car Mods!

With millions of people locked down at home and a great big chunk of the world not able to travel, we're really missing the fun of jumping on a plane and going exploring overseas. Thankfully Marty and MOOG have produced a stack of awesome feature-length films showcasing the different ways people enjoy cars all over the globe, and they make great viewing while we're not able to travel.

Here are some of our favourite adventures: 


The first Mighty Car Mods feature film, Turbos & Temples followed Marty & MOOG on a maaad roadtrip around the Japanese island of Hokkaido some 10 years ago. Driving a Version 3 STi Impreza and a Suzuki Alto Works RZ-R all-wheel-drive Kei car, the lads meet up with the 88s club for a spot of drifting in the hills, before heading off to sample plenty of the local culture (including a 340-year-old sake brewery and hitting each other with bamboo staffs).

CLICK HERE to watch Turbos & Temples!




People love an origin story, so here is how Marty came to love his all-wheel-drive turbocharged Daihatsu Mira. Marty and MOOG headed back to Hokkaido in 2014 to attend a drift event with their mates from the 88s. The only problem was they didn't have enough change in the ashtray to afford a D1 Grand Prix-spec S15... so they saved the all-wheel-drive 660cc kei car from the scrap heap, and it ended up being a noble steed. 




In 2015 Marty and MOOG travelled to Japan to sample the wilder side of the Japanese automotive culture, and to see if a couple of Aussies can get mad props from local enthusiasts for a car they built. Many of us have seen the super-slammed, crazily-styled Bosozoku machines in photos, but Marty and MOOG wanted to see this outlaw culture close up, and what better way than partnering with the 88s to build their own Boso drift missile out of a 1985 GX71 Mark II Toyota?

CLICK HERE to watch Chasing Midnight!



Cubans' love of their cars is famous the world over, so Marty and MOOG hopped a plane to the island nation in 2017 to sample the wild mix of rides. From gigantic 1950s American land yachts to 1970s Soviet machines, the locals have poured their heart and souls into keeping their cars going, with mixed success. Sometimes it isn't about how bright your chrome shines or how many horsepower your engine packs; sometimes it is about the amount of heart you build into your car! 

CLICK HERE to watch The Cars of Cuba!



This time the lads head to Japan where MOOG has a surprise for Marty - years ago Martin had owned a Nissan March Super Turbo (a rare twin-charged nugget that features both a supercharger and turbocharger) and regretted selling it. MOOG found one on the Internet and bought it for Marty, sight unseen, so Turbos & Temples II charts the massive adventure of going to Japan to pick it up and get it to the docks, as the lads road trip down through Japan - even losing the Super Turbo in a broken car stacker at one point! This adventure is so epic it had to be split into two 90-minute episodes, making for three-hours of honking good times. 



MOOG loves his Volkswagens and Audis, so it is mildly surprising that it took him until 2019 for him to drag Martin to the Worthersee show. This multi-day festival of Volkswagen-Audi Group metal takes over a whole town in Austria, so the lads felt it only fitting to buy themselves the cheapest Golf GTi they could find, do it up and attend, before going on a mad European road trip that includes a visit to the legendary Stelvio Pass!

CLICK HERE to watch the strudel-hunting oom-pah-pah good times on Turbos & TUVs!

CLICK HERE to watch PART 2 of Turbos & TUVs!


MCM's most recent feature film, as Covid halted plans for another Japanese adventure the lads packed their swags and headed off-road into the Aussie bush. Rather than take some big, burly 4x4s both Marty and MOOG stayed true to their nature and took two of the lowest-powered four-wheel-drive vehicles available in Australia on an epic trip through the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. They even managed to get some legal street racing on the famous Mount Panorama circuit in! 

CLICK HERE to watch the mud fly on Kei To The Mountain!


The lads have also made a couple of short-form videos exploring the tuning scenes in some different parts of the world. Check out these two blasts from the past! 


In 2012 the lads headed across the ditch to check out the awesome Japanese import-loving car scene in New Zealand's North Island, and what better way to do this than by buying a car over there! After a couple of false starts they found an excellent example of the kind of sweet Japanese imports New Zealand is famous for.  

CLICK HERE to watch the New Zealand Car Scene!


Back in 2013 Marty and MOOG headed to Singapore to check out the tuning scene there, discovering a vibrant and lively car culture. Brendan Mok, a local journalist on Singapore's AFTMKT Magazine, even let MOOG drive his E30 BMW as he explains how people modify cars in a country where almost all cars are blisteringly expensive. 

CLICK HERE to watch Singapore Car Scene!


The "city of angels" has been a Mecca for car enthusiasts for almost 100 years now, and you can find almost any kind of niche you could imagine there. This massive sprawling city is the home of the Fast and the Furious universe, having grown out of the infamous import street racing sub-culture of southern California. Marty and MOOG hit greater Los Angeles to find out more about car culture there, through the eyes of members of the late-model and import scene.  



While the middle eastern city is known for off-tap supercars and luxury living, there are some wild modified cars as the lads found out in 2015. From drag racing Chevy Camaros to drifting Toyota 86s, as well as cruising a Ferrari 458, Marty and MOOG take on Abu Dhabi in their own way.

CLICK HERE to watch MCM In Abu Dhabi

Really? You're STILL scrolling? Ok, if you've burned through all those maaad videos like MOOG at a free tofu stand then strap in and enjoy the six episodes of Marty and MOOG's hit series Lend Us A Ride. The boys borrow a series of cars (and build a couple themselves) as they aim to get from Sydney to the centre of the wide, brown land...

Episode 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlySM28nbS0&t=4s

Episode 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Cf0_PtJJ4M 

Episode 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPH8TqMFYv8

Episode 4 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r05XVCa5BJ8

Episode 5 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0CCIL4oFho

Episode 6 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfXGuH_I9do 

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