Release the dorts! Our top tips for when you fit a new exhaust

Release the dorts! Our top tips for when you fit a new exhaust


Fitting a new exhaust is a key step in making your car properly mad, but there are a few life hacks we've learned in the 12 years we've been making Mighty Car Mods. Having just fitted a new exhaust to MOOG's BRZ (check out the new episode HERE!) we decided to give you our top tips when it comes to bolting on your new noise-pipe.

Firstly, get yourself some penetrating spray (heeheehee) like this MCM WD40 Marty is modelling here. Give all the bolts holding your old exhaust on a good squirt with the spray and let it soak in for 10-15 minutes before you try removing the Old Lameness. WD40 can also be used on rubber hangers to help lubricate them and let the old exhaust slide out easier. 

It is a good idea to have a helper on hand to give you some assistance removing the old exhaust system. Factory exhausts, especially manifolds, are often heavy and bulky, and can be extremely awkward to remove if you're lying on your back under a car on your own trying not to drop that huge chunk of metal on your beautiful face (and you do have a beautiful face, pookie. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, ok?).


We find it is a good idea to lay your old and new systems on the ground beside each other to make sure you have all the bits you need, and they look vaugely similar. When it comes time to install all the New Hotness don't bolt everything up tight straight away - leave the joints loose to give you extra wiggle room so you can get everything mounted to the car, then tighten it all up once it is in place and you don't need any room to fenergle the doohickeys. 


Finally while we all get excited to check out our mad new exhaust systems your neighbours might not be so keen to witness your new dortification early on a weekend, or late at night, so keep an eye on the time before you start your car and cause a neighbourhood dispute.

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