MOOG's new car is the awesome Japanese two-door you had forgotten about

MOOG's new car is the awesome Japanese two-door you had forgotten about

When you think of 2-door SR20-powered Nissans, you're probably going straight to Silvias, 180SXs and even GTi-R Pulsars. But all those cars have exploded in value in the last few years, so what do you do if you've only got a few pesos in your pocket? 

MOOG has answered that question in the latest episode HERE. Spurred into action after Marty bought the finest Toyota Sera he could find on Facebook Marketplace, MOOG went hunting for a car he'd lusted after since he was a young man roaming the mean streets of Grafton: a Nissan NX Coupe!

Following on from Nissan's original front-wheel-drive, Targa-topped sports car, the '80s Exa, the NX was built on the Pulsar successful platform. It was powered by a 105kW naturally aspirated SR20DE two-litre four-cylinder which only drove the front-wheels but could be had with a four-speed auto or five-speed manual transmissions. 


While the Z32 300ZX, S13 Silvia and 180SX, and R32 Skyline GT-R take much of the glory from Nissan's early-1990s line-up, the NX filled an important part of the segment as an entry-level sports car. With the removable targa roof panels, rakish profile and cheap underpinnings it made a lot of business sense, too.

Sold all over the world, the NX represents a part of Nissan's history that has been largely forgotten... until now, hopefully!

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