3 ways to de-grot a project car

3 ways to de-grot a project car

Have you seen the latest episode of MCM, where the lads tuck into the grottiest car they've ever worked on? CHECK IT OUT HERE

This poor Daihatsu was so crusty and neglected there isn't many areas which don't need a comprehensive clean. So, we thought we'd show you 3 great ways to get rid of the grot!

Specialist sprays like brake cleaner or throttle/carby cleaner are more expensive than normal degreasers but they're also mega-super-turbocharged in their cleaning powers compared to degreaser. Using a gasket scraper and wire brush, you'll be able to quickly remove built-up dirt, grease and oil, and you can save money by buying them in a case of cans rather than individually.

Pick up some green scouring pads (ones without soap!) and they can be used to help agitate the grot making the sprays work better and faster. 

Heavy under-car scale and surface rust will need more powerful cleaning agents. Shops like our mates at Supercheap Auto sell rust cleaning solutions, which will need a fair bit of care to handle - remember your personal protection equipment, like gloves and goggles. 

Many of these liquids will need to be washed off, so have a spray bottle filled with water at the ready to de-activate the rust-killing chemicals. It is vital you follow instructions so you don't end up with oxidisation all over your aluminium parts. It is also a great idea to not go ham washing areas with wiring or electrical components. 

Get a good shop vacuum, like our Ryobi unit which does wet and dry media. This means it can get rid of almost any small matter sitting in or under your new project. Loose dirt, mud, scunge from wet carpet, or even greasy schmutz, is all fair game even though they would kill a regular household vacuum in seconds. 

If your carpet smells funky or has some strange stains, try leaving it laid out flat in the sun for a few days - just bring it in before the sun sets so it doesn't get wet again. Once it is dry give it a good going over with a washer vacuum (which you can rent) and carpet shampoo, which will really help lift the trapped dirt and scunge.  


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