Everything you need to build a killer K-swapped EK Civic

Everything you need to build a killer K-swapped EK Civic

If you've watched our latest video on K-swapping a mint EK Civic (CLICK HERE) you may we be engaging the frothzilla for your own piece of booo-BAAAA glory. So, we've put down all the parts used to build our sweet EK Civic streeter. 

This car started as a 2000 model Civic GLi, an auto D16 non-VTEC single-cam base model. We did some work to get it looking and handling its best thanks to EK9 Civic Type-R kit and Enkei RPF-1 15in wheels. 

The K-series engine we used is a K24A3 from a mouldy, festy Aussie market Accord Euro. We sold the stock transmission off to help pay back the purchase price of the car, and then it was onto decking out the engine with everything we'd need to make over 160kW at the front wheels and give us over 8000rpm of iVTEC glory.


  • JDM Yard K-swap headers – JDMKSWAP421 – LINK
  • Drag Cartel cam gear – DC-VTC-CMGR-45 – LINK
  • Drag Cartel cams – DC-OG-DIC - LINK
  • Skunk2 intake manifold – 307-05-0600 – LINK
  • Skunk2 70mm throttle body – 309-05-0080 – LINK
  • Skunk2 rocker cover fasteners - 649-05-0120 - LINK
  • K-Tuned IACV rotation plate – KTD-IAC-ROT – LINK
  • JDM Yard K-series intake manifold adapter – JDM-K24IM-ADP – LINK
  • JDM Yard genuine Honda K20 oil pump kit – PRBOPKIT – LINK
    • Hybrid Racing intake - HYB-CAI-01-02 – LINK
    • Hybrid Racing slim-line oil cap – HYB-OCA-01-05 - LINK
    • Hybrid Racing slim dipstick – HYB-DIP-01-06 - LINK
    • OE Honda DC5 Integra throttle body bracket
    • OE Honda K24 rear main seal
    • OE Honda K24 VTEC solenoid gasket
    • OE Honda K24 timing chain cover gaskets
    • OE Honda K24 timing chain guides
    • OE Honda K24 timing chain tensioner
    • OEM Honda DC5/EP3 valve cover – 12310-PRC-030 



    The DC2 Integra subframe is a genuine second-hand Honda unit bought from a wrecker, but it was stripped and rebushed to make it ready to accept the power the modified K24 is kicking out now. 

    • Hasport engine mounts - EKK2 - LINK
    • Hasport K24 block bracket – UKBB- LINK
    • Hardrace lower control arms – 6130 – LINK 
    • Hasport conversion driveshafts – EP-EGKAX – LINK
    • Honda K20 DC5 Integra intermediate shaft – new from Honda
    • Hardrace steering boot – 7894 – LINK
    • Hardrace steering bushes – 6223-US – LINK


    We used a Honda Y2M3 six-speed manual out of a DC5 Integra Type R, which came factory with a high-performance K20 engine from the factory. We also used a factory Honda DC5 Integra gearbox bracket to mount it.

    • Xtreme Clutch ultra lightweight flywheel – FHN007CL – LINK
    • Xtreme Clutch cushion button clutch – KHN22021-1C – LINK
    • Hybrid Racing shifter cables – HYB-SCA-01-08 - LINK
    • Hybrid Racing shifter - HYB-SAS-01-06 – LINK

    • Hybrid Racing clutch line - HYB-CLI-01-04 - LINK
    • Hybrid Racing shifter cable retaining clip - HYB-SCC-01-02 - LINK




      We put together a few kits to sort our whole fuel system as the K24 will make more than double the D16's original weedy output. The Hybrid Racing kit included a fuel rail, fuel lines, fuel regulator, and fuel pressure gauge, while the Honed fuel pump kit included much more than just the lift pump.

      • Honed fuel pump kit - HDP34-04 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing tucked fuel system - HYB-BUN-01-80 - LINK
      • Raceworks 1000cc injectors - INJ505 - LINK 


      Some accessories we needed included various sensors to suit the K24, and some to suit the Haltech ECU. The charge circuit for the engine needed to be customised from the Accord parts to suit the Civic body loom.

      • Hybrid Racing engine conversion harness - HYB-CWH-01-19 - LINK
      • Haltech wideband - HT-10718 - LINK
      • Haltech Elite 1500 to suit K24/DC5 trans - HT-150960 - LINK 
      • Haltech IC-7 dash – HT-067010 – LINK
      • Speed Science tucked wiring harness - SS-Harness-K - LINK
      • Hybrid Racing coolant sensor adapter - HYB-CTA-01-05 - LINK
      • Hybrid Racing ground kit - HYB-GRD-01-05 - LINK
      • JDM Yard acuity hall effect TPS – ACUITYTPS – LINK
      • Boostd Intl dash cluster – EKCIVICDASHNODASH – LINK 


      As with any engine swap there are a bunch of random parts like radiator hoses which can take ages to sort out if you can't buy off-the-shelf parts like these!

      • Hybrid Racing radiator - HYB-RAD-01-11 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing radiator hoses – HYB-RAH-01-02 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing 10in fan – HYB-FAN-01-10 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing thermostat housing - HYB-TSA-01-01 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing long throttle cable – HYB-TRC-01-05 - LINK
      • Hybrid Racing power steering conversion - HYB-PSK-01-01 – LINK
      • Hybrid Racing oil cooler hose kit – HYB-OCH-01-05 - LINK
      • Hybrid Racing hose clamps – HYB-TBC-00-12 - LINK
      • Hardrace lower control arms – 6130 – LINK
      • OE Honda DC2 Integra shock forks (to adapt EK struts to DC2 subframe)
      • Hardrace inner tie rods – 6262 – LINK
      • Hardrace outer tie rods – 6273 – LINK
      • Whiteline EG Civic roll centre correction kit – KCA524 – LINK
      • Whiteline EG Civic front swaybar bushing – W21169 – LINK
      • Whiteline EG Civic front swaybar washer – KW2 – LINK
      • Whiteline 24mm DC2 front swaybar – BHF53Z - LINK

      All up we spent nearly a year planning this swap and researching what parts we needed to have on hand before we even lifted the Civic's bonnet. The swap itself took a few days as we had a couple of worn parts to replace which we couldn't have foreseen before we started, and using trusted brands from reputable companies meant everything came together like it should have. 

      The car is now driving on Sydney roads and a rude amount of fun. B16 who? 


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