Drive whatever you can, and remember to enjoy it.

Drive whatever you can, and remember to enjoy it.

There is no such thing as one "car enthusiast". We all like different sorts of cars, modified or stock, exotic or nugget, new or old, race or street. But we also work on cars and drive them for different reasons.

In our younger days we often buy cheaper daily drivers that need constant work to be reliable, and to reflect our own personal tastes. As we get older and the daily drivers get nicer (like MOOG's new daily, SEEN HERE), many of us find we're still modifying them to suit our tastes but no matter what type of cars we find ourselves into, there is a central truth that is important for reminding ourselves why we love cars. 

If you "enjoy cars" then getting behind the wheel of whichever kind of car you dig and taking it for a drive is good for your mental health. It also leads to other good things, like meeting not just like-minded enthusiasts but people from other scenes who can expand your perspective and horizons. 

Life can be busy and stressful, but taking the time to see friends and going for a drive is the mental health equivalent of watering your garden. You need to top up your "enjoyment tank" for cars and nothing is better than going for a drive.  

We're bombarded through social media today with images of finished project cars, or people enjoying cars we couldn't hope to afford or have the talent or resources to build. So it is more important than ever to enjoy what we do have, and make the most of our own situations. 

If your project car isn't driving, you can't afford the fuel, or you aren't allowed to drive right now, jump in with some friends. Take your daily out. But get out and drive to remind yourself why you enjoy cars and the people you share the hobby with. 

Expanding your horizons by hanging out with friends-of-friends who are into different sorts of cars can also be worthwhile. Exploring the world of cars can lead you to see a lot of types of cars you don't like, but you also might just stumble across a scene which clicks with you - but you won't know if you don't get out there and start meeting people from different scenes! 

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