CHOP-FIT! MCM supporting Aussie teen who is going global

CHOP-FIT! MCM supporting Aussie teen who is going global

It's no secret MCM froths anyone going out and having a crack, be it with a project car or any other pursuit. This is why MCM has jumped behind Brandyn Gaskill, a 17-year-old going to represent Australia at the CrossFit Games in the USA.

It may seem like an odd partnership given Marty and MOOG's shared love of tofu kebabs and yak milk smoothies, but the dedication and tenacity required of Brandyn is much the same as what anyone tackling a project car needs. A big side bonus is the positive mental health benefits to exercise and training, which we can all benefit from.

So when the MCM boys heard that a young Aussie was trying to get his way over to the USA, they jumped on board to help fund the trip, and make sure he had a bunch of Chopped loot in his gym bag.

Brandyn is about to jet off to Wisconsin for the CrossFit Games as the only qualifier in the 16-17-year class from Oceania (Australia, New Zealand and the South-East Asia region), which is a huge accomplishment. So we sat down with the Marsden High HSC student to find out more about him, and how he wound up being one of the best teens in Oceania at CrossFit.  

How did you get into this fitness pursuit? 

I started CrossFit because my sister started going, and she pulled me into it. I got hooked pretty quickly, with everything from the Crossfit community to the way it allowed me to push myself, learning new things every day. It became extremily rewarding looking at how much I was improving. 

Is the training regime extreme?
I train 2 times a day, 6 days a week, and normally for around 4 hours a day. It's a lot of training and adds up to 21-25 hours each week. 

Do you have a special diet?

My diet mainly consists of a high-carb intake. To fuel the training I do I need to eat lots of carbs and have a high calorie intake, a lot of that being liquid as it's easier to get down quicker. I don't eat for enjoyment, I eat for performance and this gets very tough sometimes as it becomes a chore to eat a lot of the time.

Do you have a lot of exercises to remember, and are they more complex than lifting weights?

There are a lot of exercises in CrossFit so it takes a long time to get proficient in all aspects, and it is a highly technical sport. You also have to get strong and be capable of moving high loads quickly and effectively, so there is a lot to do in each week and never enough time in a week.

What is the biggest challenge with CrossFit? 
The biggest challenge in CrossFit is everything outside of the gym. There is a lot to think about with my diet, sleep, stretching, and more. Especially when tired and mentally low. Also, managing injuries are always difficult. You feel quite unproductive a lot of the time while injured, but when you're back to health you're always stronger.
What is the biggest thrill or positive feeling you get from it?  
The biggest thrill in CrossFit, in my opinion, is training with people you love. Sharing our strategies and how we are feeling each day is always comforting and satisfying. I do love looking back at myself 6, 12, and even 18 months ago, and seeing how much I have evolved and grown, both as a person and as an athlete.

What are you most excited about for the competition?

I am really excited to just throw down and show what I've got on the big stage. There are going to be a lot of people watching, so I just really want to show the hard work I have put in, and give the spectators a good show.

How is it working with MCM?

So stoked to have Mighty Car Mods on board sponsoring me for my trip to the Crossfit Games in the USA. I've been a massive fan of the boys for so long, and it's a dream come true to be teaming up with them. 

Mighty Car Mods are proud sponsors of Brandyns Trip to the Crossfit Games. Follow Brandyn on Instagram here:

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