All the Haltech parts we used to get the Kei Truck running (with wiring diagrams!)

All the Haltech parts we used to get the Kei Truck running (with wiring diagrams!)

We've been working with the clever folks at Haltech for over a decade as they've always been happy to endure our endless questions and curiosity. They've also tolerated our penchant for bringing them weird and wonderful cars (which feature even weirder mods) and asking, "can we make it run?!"

The answer has always been "Let's do it!" and it was no different with my Kei Truck.

We threw a catalog of awesome aftermarket tuning parts at this truck to make it work and give us future tuning and logging ability, to make sure it stays running well into the future.

Here's a list of what was used on the episode, if you haven't seen it yet, check it out here:


01. ECU

We chose a Haltech Elite 1500 as it allows Drive By Wire (electronic throttle) control along with a myriad of other features. We used a basic harness kit along with a few extras found below.


02. Wideband 02 Sensor

A very useful tool that works in conjunction with the ECU to read the ratio of burned fuel and air coming down the exhaust. It connects via 4 wires to the Haltech CAN network and feeds the air/fuel ratio (lambda if you like, or any variety of data) coming out of the exhaust, back to the ECU, to help with tuning and setup.


03. Flex Fuel Sensor

This lets you run E85 and tune the car to work on ethanol or pump unleaded, or any ratio of both that the engine can handle. It constantly reads the ethanol content in the fuel system, and feeds that data back to the ECU. If your ECU has been tuned to run on both types of fuel it can automatically adjust the tune to suit the varying ethanol levels. 


04. Pressure Sensors

The better the quality of information going into the ECU, the better the ECU and tuner can make decisions about what needs to happen with the tune, and the better the vehicle runs. Simples! We decided to run extra sensors as that served us well with Supergramps, having a long healthy life of reliable motoring. Oil and fuel pressure are fairly easy to connect and monitor, these pressure sensors are the way to do it. 



Haltech also supply many of the handy-crimping and wiring tools required to make all the various sensors and equipment work. Unlike 13Bs, you'll only ever need to buy these once.



A huge thank you to Dave, Scott and many of the other legends at Haltech who spend their days and nights working to help make project cars all over the world better. It's a great feeling firing up your project car after spending so much time wiring up a brand new ECU install, and you get a small hit of that feeling every time you get in the car and turn the key well into the future...



We Mentioned in the episode it was quite hard to get pin out diagrams, so in case you happen to also be in your shed with a KF-VE powered vehicle and would like to know what's going on, here are translated documents!






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