A drive in the the Truck with Keith Urban

A drive in the the Truck with Keith Urban

Moog and I met working in a recording studio, composing and recording - it was a while ago and we were older then.

I trained as an audio engineer and worked in a few studios during the day. At night I had a band and we played a few nights a week around Sydney, some doing covers some doing originals. 10pm starts and 3am finishes. There's a few early MCM videos where we'd start shooting on a Saturday morning after i'd been asleep for about 4 hours having played the night before! I kept that up for around a decade. Occasionally we'd get a fill in drummer!

This gig was the same weekend we started work on the White Subaru RS wagon, which I would fill full of PA gear and setup at our shows. Sometimes we'd be playing to 2 people, sometimes to 500 - I had a great band.

The lead guitarist from my band at the time was one of those guys who always had hot tips on what to listen to. One way or another he'd find an album or a single that stood out for whatever reason long before the era of 'recommended' by a robot.

He handed me a Keith Urban album and said check it out. I'd heard a few songs on radio and knew he was a Kiwi-Aussie who was making noise in Nashville. Like so many New Zealanders, Australians like to adopt them as their own when they make it big.

So for years I stayed up to date with the new songs and albums that Keith was putting out, kept and eye out for gigs and went to a few of those too. He puts on a great show and as an accomplished guitarist it's awesome to hear the huge solo's and super tight band backing him up.

A few weeks back we got word that Keith was super keen to come and hang out and talk cars. He's got a collection about as random as ours from little Fiat's to Dual tyre F350's and exotic stuff as well. Would I like to spend some time with a guy I'd enjoyed watching and listening to for years? Absolutely! I sent back some info about the Kei truck and said let's do it!

Fast forward a few weeks and we completed some Kei Truck missions and checked out some of his new album. Check out the video here:

We had a great couple of hours driving around, chatting about cars, music, guitars, tip trucks and how stupidly hot it was that day! (40degreesC or 104f)

Music, cars, guitars and some landscaping - a recipe for a great day out and meeting one of your guitar hero's is a nice bonus too.

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