It's time to paint Supergramps... and you're invited

 Many loyal fans will remember the pain that was the original gramps being washed away earlier this year.

Gramps was caught in a colossal downpour that rendered its wiring and panels beyond repair

 Luckily with the help of Moog, Mechanical Stig and the guys from AM Auto, the custom made EZ36 engined turbocharged monster was re born into a generation 4 Subaru liberty wagon.

And while it was a huge upgrade in terms of refinement, there was no hiding the fact this car had been well and truly used. It had been described as 'the kid transport vehicle' - and it showed.

A few weeks later the transplant was complete, and with a wash and a polish, Supergramps was starting to look pretty good and the EZ36 was looking nice and at home in the engine bay.

This car was built to be driven, so upgraded wheels, Bridgestone Potenza RE003 tyres and brakes were fitted and soon it was racing around Marulan Driver Training Centre during our Tyre Test Video

All this work had taken it's toll on the body which was not looking it's best. House of Kolor Australia got in touch and said they'd love to see our new car with the very same custom colour we mixed up for the original gramps.

The colour is a custom mix of Galaxy Grey, Black base and metallic mixed up for us by Nathan at Motoractive.

Now the crazy part... somehow while discussing if we could still paint Supergramps with this awesome colour, we came up with the crazy idea of painting the car LIVE in front of THOUSANDS of people at MotorEX in Sydney on the 25th and 26th of July 2015.

MotorEx hosts some of the most finely crafted vehicles in the country, hot rods, muscle cars, highly modified race cars to name a few, so while Supergramps may be on the lower end of the scale budget wise, it will be transformed from a beat up 400,000km old kid carrying wagon into a straight as an arrow beast covered in top shelf paint that looks absolutely stunning with an appearance that matches the huge effort put into its driveline.

Work has already begun prepping the car and yes there will be videos of the entire process to check our Youtube and Facebook pages for updates.

We'll be there along with the guys from Platinum Auto Smash Repairs who have kindly offered to lend their painting skills for the weekend. They'll be using a high tech Lowbake portable spray booth with a wall of windows and seating where you can see Supergramps transformed. Work will begin Saturday morning and we'll be reassembling the car Sunday where it will remain on display for the rest of the show.

For more information about MotorEx Sydney, getting tickets and transport check out the MotorEx Official site and Facebook Pages. You can also get more info on the show and what's in store with MCM here.

There will also be another special guest on display at the show... 

So come down and meet some of the MCM crew, grab a tee shirt, sticker, dvd, lanyard, keytag and a photo with some of the cars from the show.



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