Honda S2000 - NOS Q&A

Our recent NOS install video had more views in the first 24 hours than any other MCM video in history. With over 250,000 views in the first day I thought I’d take a minute to respond to some of the comments on the YouTube video!


Whats with the vinyl stripe on the S2000?

We made a DIY video showing how to install vinyl stripes. This was done as an example to show people what was possible by matching the stripe colour to the interior of the car. It’s not meant to be specifically “stylistic”. It was just an example of layering colour and vinyl. Will take it off eventually. The design was inspired by an S2000 we saw in Japan with the same look.


Why is there a small chunk missing from the front?

Good question! I went out one night and was parked in a dodgy part of the city. When I came back a small piece of it was missing. Then I noticed a whole row of cars on the street had been damaged by someone. Cars had been scratched, or windows broken. I’m assuming they tried to rip off the vinyl, and after finding it was going to take too long moved onto the next car and smashed its window.


Why did you do a NOS install?

A few reasons. 


* We’ve never done an episode on it before. 

* Over the years thousands of people have asked us to do it. 

* We haven’t seen any really clear and concise guides giving an overview of what it is and how to install it

* We don't want to make the same videos over and over again

* I wanted more power without mechanical forced induction 

* Most importantly, I wanted to do it


NOS is Cheating

Winning is Winning? You try and get your car from one end of the drag strip to the other as quickly as you can. Thats what drag racing is. Technically if you subscribe to that notion then modifying any car in any way is “cheating” as soon as you're messing with the factory system. Is E85 cheating? We don’t have any rules so there's no rules to break! I mean we’re driving track/road cars on a drag strip. Neither of them are drag cars. We’re doing this for fun. 


NOS is just a cheap way of getting more power

Um… yup. Correct. That's why people use it. Our show has always been about doing things on the cheap. If you want super cars and production companies with a large crew then there’s loads of channels like that. We are all about bang for the buck. And yes we’re throwing a NOS system on what is a stock car with a stock exhaust and everyone will get to see exactly what happens. No subscription fee required! We're not experts and we're not mechanics so we're often learning on the job as we go! 



Why are you on a drag strip instead of a race track?

Time and money. Because we work full time jobs, we can head down to the drag strip after work, pay $50 and do some races. To book in and be part of a track day could cost thousands of dollars by the time we pay for track time, and get people to come and help us film it all. The drag strip means we can shoot it all with GoPros and hand a camera to someone on the side. It’s not ideal but it’s cheap, and it’s all about fun for us. Plus everyone should go down to the drag strip at some stage. It's a lot of fun. We go for drives regularly on the street and do track days but this isn’t something that we always film. Sometimes the cameras are off - it’s just about the drive and the car rather than making a video. 



You should do X Y Z to your Honda

We’ve never really subscribed to what the internet says we should do with our cars. We just do what we want so we can learn. Not everyone is going to like it. We’re fine with that because we’re the ones that have to drive the cars every day. We want people to learn something from the watching our videos, be entertained and then hopefully go and further explore the subjects that interest them the most. But at the end of the day, we have to pay for it, and live with the car every day of the week. 


Did your Honda explode on the Dyno?

Find out next week! 


Martys MX5 is not a “budget” build. 

It’s actually the true definition of a budget build. He bought the thing for $1500 with a couple of hours rego on it and then slowly spent time and money on it to turn it into the car that it is today. Heaps of friends helped and donated parts including myself who gave him the turbo from my Forester which cost him a total of $0. Not everyone has a mate who is going to give them free parts, or Turbo Yoda who is going to do awesome work on it. The fact is that all that stuff would cost money in the real world, except he didn’t need to spend it, because he had mates to help and he worked long hours on the driveway himself. It’s like suggesting that a builder who renovated a house on a budget didn’t really do it on a budget because it would cost anyone else a lot more to do it. For the condition and performance it’s freaking incredible, but he's still gonna get CHOPPED! 


Why don’t you list HP instead of KW?

Because we’re Australian. We use KM. We say “mum” not “mom”. We spell colour with a “U” in it. We drive on the left hand side of the road. We have kangaroos and crocodiles. Were proud to be bringing a little bit of Australia to the rest of the world and the fact is that over here it’s all about KW. It’s what people use on Australian forums, charts, dyno days and what manufacturers use on our TV commercials. Some people have told us that they don’t like the Australian accent and we should try and change it, fix our spelling “mistakes” and explain everything in HP. When you adhere to this dilution of culture, little by little the things that make us Australian disappear. We’ve already seen this in the media. We have so many American TV shows on every day that Australian children as young as three years old often say words with an American accent because they’ve watched too much Frozen. Our radio stations are full of American bands. Our shopping centres are full of American companies. So we're sticking with KW. Maybe occasionally we’ll throw some HP figures up on the screen for our American friends!  


What does the Spanner Sticker mean that you guys have?

It is the universal symbol for people who work on their own car. We’ve been really pleased to see these stickers in Japan, USA, Europe and all over Australia. It’s just a simple way of showing other car people that you work on your own ride. Regardless of what kind of car it is or what the style is, it shows that you get your hands dirty and do it yourself.


When will the next Honda Episode come out?

There should be episodes out every week until Christmas. 


Drive on people, and wishing you all the best for the holiday season! 


  • mini

    how do i activate it?

  • Patrick

    I know it was a long time ago, but what was the wheel specs on the s2000 with the RPF1?

  • Johannes

    Hi I love the show but I whant to now is if u put nos or turbo.dont u have to drop n bit of your engin compression ???

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