Marty's Gramps Build Diary in PICTURES!

The gramps build has been a pretty epic journey so far. After purchasing a Liberty Wagon from Mechanical Stig, the challenge was laid down to create an 11 second car. That can be pretty easy, if you're willing to forgo all the creature comforts and practicalities of a Daily driver. But this HAD to remain a usable daily driver.

In this series of photos from the build i'll share with you some of the highlights of the build so far...

 There were few preliminary visits i needed to make before starting the project. One of the key differences about this engine swap we'd proposed was that it used an electronic throttle. That means I have to source from from a different Car. Mechanical Stig came to the party with a Gen 4 Subaru Liberty acellerator pedal. It wouldn't be a direct bolt in, but it would be close, and the Haltech Elite would be able to use the signal from it to drive the throttle blade on the EZ36.

Benny has some fans...


Benny and MOOG had also arranged for this Subaru Legacy GTB to be imported from Japan. The engine wouldn't of much use to us but pretty much everything else would be transplanted onto gramps. Panels, interior, headlights, bumpers - the whole lot.


Castrol came on board to help the project along with all the fluids we'd need for the conversion. We'd be putting a new engine, gearbox, power steering setup AND diff into this thing, all which needed oil. Along with coolant and brake fluid.


Next visit was to GFB to figure out what kind of blow off valve we'd be able to use. Brett suggeted a Deceptor Pro which you can adjust from inside the cabin. Also pictured is the EX50, a 50mm external waste gate we'd be using with our turbo.


I made my way up to see Turbo Yoda in Noosaville and we were soon at work filming. The new shell was on its way up from NSW on a truck but still hadn't arrived at this point. 


Around the middle of the following day, it finally arrived, and was put on the hoist almost instantly.


The old 2.5 litre 4 cylinder engine had to come out!


Here you can see the 6 speed gearbox and EZ36 in place, the cut tailshaft stops fluid leaking out the back until you put the tailshaft in (which would be different in our build)


I headed back down to Sydney to visit Haltech. They'd organised some of the parts we'd need for the build, Moog would be bringing the rest up with him when he visited. We also had to write new triggering code to run the engine, as this was the first EZ36 that they had dealt with.


I Never get sick of this view!


Most of the episode was filmed using DSLR and an external microphone. Some of the noise you can hear during the quiet parts is the lens motor focussing.


Al doing what he does best, melting metal to make power.


The headers Al designed from scratch. It's a matter of using the available space to create the best exit route for the exhaust gas. In a turbo application you want maximum pressure before the turbine of the turbo, and minimum pressure after it.


The finished headers, with Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors.


This beauty was parked in the AM auto Car Park. A Subaru SVX with EZ30 conversion.


Some days the boys had to crack on with other jobs so i got pushed into the car park to work away on gramps.


The hdears and crossover pipes, the up pipe still has to be done in this shot.


Gramps gets some thermo fans and big STI brembo brakes!


EZ36 with Turbo in place!


There isn't much chance of this engine cover fitting any more!


Turbo Yoda fits up the external gate. It was tricky to mount it up off the road where it wouldn't collect any speed humps!


The Garrett 35/76 turbo layback is as vertical as we could get it while still fitting it in the crowded subaru engine bay.


Finished headers and up pipe and exhaust so pretty!


One of my favourite shots from the whole series.


We'd be replacing ALL these dash parts.


Our GTB suspension arrived from Mechanical Stig!


Wearing some stickers of the people who helped make it happen.


Cold side of the intercooler being fabricated.


One of Al's friends made up this plate that will eventually cover the pod filter.


Our turbo beanie looks awesome!


Intercooler and intake are finished! the engine bay is looking great


The Flex sensor will allow us to run both regular unleaded AND E85 ethanol fuel.


This fuel distribution block makes use of the semi returnless fuelling system.


Gramps has wheels and is almost ready to start!


Moog arrives with some Haltech goodies. A Haltech Elite, CAN Hub, Temperature sensors, wideband and IO Box.


A detail shot of the electronic throttle


Dose Vader's 2J powered VS Commodore UTE says how it is.


I spend some time helping to make gramps front look more presentable


Scotty 'Tuning Fork' arrives at the final wiring stage to help get gramps going. The ECU is still in development stage at this point so everyone is learning a great deal about its capabilities.


Gramps starts! The cooling system needs a new thermostat to prevent the coolant boiling over.


Half way home, over 1000km covered in a day and a half, with the ECU connected to Haltech via Laptop and iPhone tethering. The Haltech guys are able to check on the progress and self learning as i drive home.


Gramps first overnight stay as an EZ36 Turbo Powered wagon.


The black wheels will probably go!


I drop by Haltech so Scotty can check his road tune, and he's VERY happy with how it's going.


Me on the other hand? I'm nervous.


This amazing picture captured by one of the Haltech boys, shows the exhaust heating up under stress on the dyno.


Gramps is already making over 200kw at the wheels on wastegate pressure!


Next I head over to Ichiban to visit Mechanical stig to clean up some wiring and install the fog lights he got me


The wheels come off and are replaced with some STI Liberty wheels which clear brembos and look more stock


New wheels on! and a leak from the extension housing is sorted out.


Random Cat inspects the exhaust


Moog delivers all our JDM Parts!


Three very different cars for three very different purposes. All of them awesome!


Gramps as he currently looks, STI Liberty 17" wheels, semi slicks and JDM headlights.

The build continues from here... keep an eye on Facebook, the Forum and our Main and 2nd Youtube Channel!


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