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Speedo Corrector Kit

by Jaycar
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Please note: This product is no longer sold by Jaycar Australia so we can no longer supply it.

Their nearest similar product is this:



When you modify your gearbox, diff ratio or change to a large circumference tyre, it may result in an inaccurate speedometer. This kit alters the speedometer signal up or down from 0% to 99% of the original signal. With this improved model, the input setup selection can be automatically selected and it also features an LED indicator to show when the input signal is being received. Kit supplied with PCB with overlay and all electronic components.

Works only on Cars with electronic speedo, check it is suitable for your car before purchasing.

Note: Requires assembly using Soldering Equipment.

Full manufacturer warranty on parts, no warranty on incorrectly assembled kits.

Item will be shipped 2-5 working days from when the order is placed, depending on available stock.