Season 2 DVD

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The entire second season on DVD. Includes bloopers, unseen episodes and 2010 Autosalon Tour. Format: Pal. Running time: 350mins+

Back Cover Reads:

Back Cover:

Mighty Car mods is back. And the boys are ready to roll with another bumper season of driveway modding.

Join Marty and the Moog for a wild ride across the land of the rising sun and burning rubber - where you’ll get exclusive access to the JDM car auctions and find out how to import your own wheels. Watch as they turn an unsuspecting car into a convertible. And learn how to detail your car with urine!

Speaker installs! Painting! Subs! Blow off valves! Zombies! It’s all in here – so grab the popcorn and the angle-grinder and get ready for over 8 hours Mighty Car Mods adventures.



In this DVD, learn how to:


Zombie-proof your car

Replace your 02 sensor

Upgrade your headlights with HIDs

Install a subwoofer

Touch up your paint

Restore a messed up car

Install car speakers 

Install a head unit 

Restore your headlights with urine

Pass a rego inspection

Visit Tokyo Autosalon

Check out the Japanese Car Auctions

Import a Japanese Car

Blow the myths off blow off valves

Convert your car into a convertible for $90


As well as a bonus DVD including the complete MCM 2010 National Autosalon Tour, specials, never before seen footage and bloopers.