Season 1 DVD

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The entire first season on DVD. Includes bloopers, extras and unseen footage. Format: Pal. Running time: 250mins+


Back Cover Reads:

From time travel, flames, angle grinders, drag racing, booty dancing and a race across Hong Kong. It's all in a days work for MIGHTY CAR MODS.

Mighty Car Mods - Australia's #1 DIY auto online show* is now available on DVD for the first time. 

See what over a million viewers have been raving about. 

This DVD contains over 3 hours of video showing you everything from stereo installs, budget make-overs, turbo projects, and car reviews all the way through to time travel in a DeLorean and international races. 

Viewers write in asking questions about modifying cars, and the team respond with detailed Do-It-Yourself videos which are posted online and now availalbe for the very first time on this DVD.
With guerilla production techniques and an original thumping soundtrack, MIGHTY CAR MODS gives you " alternative angle on the art of car modification... definitely check out Mighty Car Mods" (IN-CAR Magazine)


Episode List:

$500 car makeover

Kill Switch

Guard Rolling

Black Episode

Blow off Valve

Interior Cleaning

Boost Guage

Intercooler Install


Painting Brake Calipers

Corolla Stereo

Euro Car Light Dimmer

March SuperTurbo

Wash, Wax & Polish

Boost Leak Tester

Wideband 02 Meter

DeLorean Time Travel

MK4 GTi Mods

Tacho InstallGolf

Revo Tune

Drifting Special

Race Across Hong Kong

Season Finale: The TRD Laser

plus lots of extras!