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MCM Nationals Sydney 2017 - Race Track + General Entry

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Price $160.00 AUD

MCM is coming to Sydney Motorsport Park on the 2nd of December 2017.

This ticket gets you pre-paid entry to the event and track cruising sessions for the whole day.

One passenger can ride with you per cruise session. They'll need a passenger ticket and need to sign on at the start of the day.

This ticket also includes General Entry to the venue for the day for (1) person.

Want to take a passenger with you in the car? grab them a ticket here

Note: All on track participants will need sign a indemnity form on the day.

First track session is at 10:00am

Lunch break from 12:30-1pm

Final Cruise session is at 4pm

You'll be divided into groups and get multiple 15-20 minute cruise sessions, numbers are limited so you'll get plenty of track time.

Drivers must have a provisional license or above to participate.

You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, breath testing may be carried out and anyone under the influence will be removed.

This is an early bird price, cheaper than buying on the day as there is limited availability and these will fill fast.

Driving will go ahead if it is raining lightly, if weather becomes dangerous driving may be postponed or cancelled (venue dependent)

No helmet required, cruising rules apply, no passing on corners, sensible speeds, just have some fun. Please be aware this is not running as a fast track day, there is no timing, top speed runs, burnouts or drift sessions, you can give it a hit up the straight and have some fun but we're avoiding smoke shows as it's a safety concern for visibility. For this reason helmets are not required unless you're in an open top car. Enclosed footwear is a must, no nylon clothing and we recommend long sleeves and pants.

Please contact us via the email address on this site if you have purchased a ticket in error before the event and we can arrange a refund. No refunds will be given after the event. 

For full terms and conditions of entry to the event please click here.


Drivers briefing:
compulsory for all drivers

At drivers briefing you’ll need your printed off ticket (or ticket on your phone which will be checked off) and at this point your name will be checked off and you will need to sign the necessary forms to drive on the track. At this point you'll be given a wrist band which identifies you as a driver or passenger. Make sure you're wearing enclosed shoes and clothing suitable for track driving.

Non-Garage or Carport parking will be in the pits on a first in best dressed basis, if this fills up then alternate parking will be used,

Cars will be grouped into A, B, C & D. Grading is optional but if you have a slow (i.e.: mad) car we recommend you jump into the A category (cause A is awesome) you'll be able to specify this at sign on. If you've got something fast and don't want to be held up in too much traffic try group D (for Di... dude thats fast) We'll do our best to split the groups so you aren't held up in too much traffic but can't guarantee you'll be in any particular group.

Session Times: 
The first session will begin at 10:00am and the last one will begin at 4pm. The only down time will be during the lunch break required for staff, and for short periods to clean up any issues on track. These 4 groups will run back to back in 15 minute cruise sessions, these will run continually throughout most of the day so you should get 1 session every hour or so that the event is running.

Don't be a gronk:
SMSP are keen to help make this a great event for us. Race tracks are awesome, and we want you to have fun out there but be aware there are lots of different cars and lots of different skill levels and ability so drive to the conditions and keep it sensible. If you're doing something dangerous to other drivers you'll be removed from the track sessions. It's a grip based event so no drifting, no burnouts or big power skids as they can cause visibility issues on a busy track. Any further questions you have will be addressed at the drivers briefing.

Anything else?
If you've accidentally bought a ticket thinking it was a drift meet or burnout 
comp or unrestricted track day there is a long waiting list of people who are keen for a place so get in touch with us if you'd like a refund of your ticket, refunds can be had right up until the evening before the event but we can't offer refunds after it.

Rain Hail or Shine:
Track activities will take place unless there is an electrical storm, rain just means it will be a bit slower and more slippery.


Sydney Location:
Ferrers Rd, 
Eastern Creek 
NSW 2766
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