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Big skids are better skids.. especially in Supergramps

Mechanical Stig and I were discussing Subaru's on Saturday morning and he mentioned the WRX club were doing a skid pan event the following day. I checked my calendar and after confirming i had no important jobs that required a practical wagon, I signed up. Like most motorsport, it started early - so i dragged myself out of bed and headed down to Sydney Motorsport Park. It's spring in the southern hemisphere so it's sunny but the air is cold, and after half an hour or so, the concrete surface is wet and ready to go. Drivers briefing involves handing..  - Read More

Dissecting Supergramps

The Gramps and Supergramps builds have been an epic journey, one that now feels a bit more finished as the car is painted, looks mad, drives well and is an awesome all rounder daily. For me this has definitely been a car that's used the best of what i've learned over the years about Subaru's. It seems to be a common theme that people, for whatever reason, find a make or model of car that suits what they do and who they are. For me, a wagon was the best compromise of a car I could live with but also..  - Read More

Changing to stay the same

Some people have said that MCM has changed over the years. Thank goodness for that! It’s been almost 8 years of doing this crazy YouTube car thing. If you’re 28 years old now, think back to what you were doing when you were 20 years old. If you’re 20, try and remember what you were doing when you were 12. If you’re 12, try and think back to when you were 4. If you’re not changing in 8 years then there’s something wrong… But here’s the funny thing with change - sometimes you bring about the change yourself, other times..  - Read More

Going Too Fast Can Hurt

Modifying cars can be one of the most satisfying things you can do in your garage. Until someone has successfully made a machine better using just some tools, their hands and some know-how – they’ll never quite understand what keeps sending us back under the leaky old bucket of a car to get covered in yet another type of fluid that is supposed to stay inside the engine. Some modifications take much more skill than others, and while it is important to push yourself so that you learn – it’s also important to understand that the second you take your machine..  - Read More

Do you think this would fit on my...?

In Episode 5 of the Gramps Build, MOOG asked Turbo Yoda if a variety of parts would fit on his honda... (at 24m12s) As the internet sometimes does, it soon became a meme..     And then this happened (for full image credits, refer to our Facebook page here) Some of these are a little un-PC, but all have been included because its a bit of fun.                      and to top it off... Massive props to all the fans who took the time to create the epic memes, your skills are..  - Read More

Marty's Gramps Build Diary in PICTURES!

The gramps build has been a pretty epic journey so far. After purchasing a Liberty Wagon from Mechanical Stig, the challenge was laid down to create an 11 second car. That can be pretty easy, if you're willing to forgo all the creature comforts and practicalities of a Daily driver. But this HAD to remain a usable daily driver. In this series of photos from the build i'll share with you some of the highlights of the build so far...   There were few preliminary visits i needed to make before starting the project. One of the key differences about this..  - Read More