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Dissecting Supergramps

The Gramps and Supergramps builds have been an epic journey, one that now feels a bit more finished as the car is painted, looks mad, drives well and is an awesome all rounder daily. For me this has definitely been a car that's used the best of what i've learned over the years about Subaru's. It seems to be a common theme that people, for whatever reason, find a make or model of car that suits what they do and who they are. For me, a wagon was the best compromise of a car I could live with but also..  - Read More

Marty's Gramps Build Diary in PICTURES!

The gramps build has been a pretty epic journey so far. After¬†purchasing a Liberty Wagon from Mechanical Stig, the challenge was laid down to create an 11 second car. That can be pretty easy, if you're willing to forgo all the creature comforts and practicalities of a Daily driver. But this HAD to remain a usable daily driver. In this series of photos from the build i'll share with you some of the highlights of the build so far... ¬† There were few preliminary visits i needed to make before starting the project. One of the key differences about this..  - Read More