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USA West Coast 2014

We jumped on a plane in Sydney and started the 14 hour flight to LAX. Shortly after leaving LAX and finding our hotel we stumbled out into the sunshine (it was around 2am body clock time for us!) and found some food.
Mexican looked good so we smashed some tasty taco's.. and here we learned our first important US lesson. Sauce is Free. And there is an abundance of it. This impressed Marty highly.
Walking back from the Taco joint heading towards the beach we spotted this delivery vehicle. Sure beats driving a Getz to deliver salty pizza!
Shortly afterwards we found some music shops, this price tag seemed reasonable.
Hungry yet again we used one of our travel tips which is FIND A SUPERMARKET! so you can get some fresh food into you. It keeps the immune system cranking along which means you don't end up sick on your holiday.
We dropped by the Youtube space, which is massive and awesome but doesn't have any cars inside it we could shoot, so we soon remedied that...
By getting our hands on this thing. It's auto like most cars in the States but its a proper V8 and was not at all slow. Seeing out of it is a problem, but being that everyone can see you pretty easily... no problem.
We drove up to the hills to get some shots of the city and of our car.
Later that day we headed out to the MCM Meet. Which got moved TWICE, once because there wasn't enough space and again because someone did a burnout.
We jumped out of our car and were greeted by this. Hundreds if not thousands of MCM fans who had made their way out to come and see us. It was awesome, everyone was friendly and wanted selfies, and body and car parts signed.
We were both pretty well run off our feet but managed to grab a few snaps. There was a great variety of cars on show, from stockers with some wheels and lows, to things like this with engines that probably shouldn't be in there but are...
The next day we met up with the 9k Racing guys to shoot some interviews for our episode, a guy with a 2J did a burnout, otherwise known as a 'shed skid'. Nice.
The following day saw us hit the studio to recording some songs for another upcoming project, which is going to be epic.
The sound they managed to pull was next level and it was awesome to be working in a studio that had seen the likes of Frank Sinatra amongst others record there.
Outside East West Studios...
With the trip nearly at an end, a MCM fan had got in touch and said he could hook us up with a look at his work.. where they build rockets. You aren't allowed to take photos inside the building so you'll just have to believe us that it was awesome.
At the airport.. pretty standard.. except there are F15's JUST CHILLING ON THE RUNWAY! Because America.
We managed to fit in a cruise down the coast road between Oregon and California, and found hundreds of k's of twisty roads... 
On our way out we hit up Sears to pick up some tool bargains, the range and prices are pretty good and well worth a visit if you're in to cars and are looking to expand your tool collection.. just be careful of weights!
So there's a quick insight into our USA trip! we can't wait to come back for some more meets, videos, cruises and of course.. tools! And jets... and free sauce... and Nachos.. and friendly Americans.. and.. well, that'll do for now!