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Official Queensland Meet 2014 - Marty's Road Trip Diary

Last Saturday was the first official MCM Queensland meet that both MOOG and I attended. It was organised by the Brisbane MCM Fan Group and led by our mate Tooza and his gang of legends. A lot goes into a meet like this, we like to make the meets fun and interesting, get to spend some time with people who like the show, get some photos, see some cars and get some of our stickers, shirts and other gear that is so often requested.

The best way to make that happen was to saddle up Gramps, the trusty MCM project car for this year and make the long journey up to Queensland Raceway.

Gramps with his trusty Spanner Sticker (in limited edition Green!)

Gramps and I visited Mechanical Stig at Ichiban Imports to sort out some new tie rod ends, new Gen 3 GTB wheels and some new tyres.

I punched the route into Google maps and this was what it showed me. We decided to take the inland route up the New England highway to try and find some good roads along the way, and also because the raceway is to the west of Brisbane.

And find some good roads we did! 

Gramps was averaging around 9 litres per 100km, not bad considering he was fully loaded and eating up some good twisties along thunderbolt and bucketts way.

Meels from the MCM forum brought his trusty work vehicle along. We got around the same fuel economy, only he was on knobbly off road tyres and hauling almost 2 tonnes around. A really impressive vehicle!

The awesome roads continued as we made our way up the middle of New South Wales. Being a friday they were fairly quiet and this gave us plenty of time to admire the view.

There was a little bit of roadwork and dirt roads a long the way. No problem in an AWD wagon.

Someone didn't love their AU Falcon very much. Not sure why?!

It seems the road was to be shared with some cows. I guess its cheaper than running lawn mowers.

The cows were loving gramps!

This little L500 Mira did well on the highway too. It had Western Australia plates on it! Someone had driven it a LONG way.

A few hours and dirt roads and cows and rain later, we were at the border!

The next day...

Hundreds of MCM fans came out to Queensland Raceway to show us their cars and hang out.


Moog managed to smash out some mad beats during our welcome by the Defect Dragon. Known for his mystical abilities to prevent vehicle defect notices.

Moog liked the cube parked next to it, but i loved its offensively retro flares and pearl white!

The whole 'hairdresser' thing gets way overdone with MX5s, cause they are mad track cars and fast (when they have forced induction) I love that this car just owns it. 

Lots of mad Mazda's

Some photos with some of the younger MCM fans!

Moog adjusting the headwear (tooza on the left!)

Just before the Defect Dragon appeared!

All out, an awesome day. We met so many people, there just was not enough time in the day to see every single car but we both made an effort to try and check out as many as we could. We also got to do some happy laps around Queensland Raceway, which is a great way to turn a static car meet into a mini track day! 

So there's a small collection of pictures from the meet that i managed to take myself, we're working hard on the meet video which will be out soon, and show many angles of what turned out to be an awesome adventure.

Until the next one!