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Mighty Car Mods Nationals 2016 - Motorkhana


The Motorkhana at the MCM Nationals is designed for anyone and everyone to have a go, try some grass roots motorsports and have some fun. It's a race around a set course against the clock, if you get the fastest time on the day, you win. We'll be using a designated area at Sydney Dragway with a course laid out for maximum car shenanigans.

You can do it in any car and don't need any special equipment. A Motorkhana is a great way to test the all round performance of your car because good power, brakes, handling and driving ability are all required to get quick times. Sometimes smaller and less powerful cars will outperform heavier cars with bulk power, so it's exciting to watch and a lot of fun to drive. Not only that - you can take your mate for a passenger ride too!  

The Motorkhana at MCM Nationals is being run by the CAMS affiliated car club, RTDC - Road and Track Drivers Club.

To enter the Motorkhana, on the day of the event simply go to the marquee in the Motorkhana viewing area and purchase a spot in one of the five groups. You can purchase more than one spot if you wish. There are five groups of twenty that will run in the five sessions of the day.  You will get a minimum of three runs during that session.

If you already have a CAMS license, then simply fill out an indemnity form and pay $40 entry fee. If you don't have a CAMS license, then simply purchase a "come and try" day license for $25. To get a year round CAMS license you need to join a CAMS affiliated car club, which is a great idea if you plan on doing regular track days.

Your passenger also has to fill out an indemnity form. You do not need a helmet or any special clothing, just enclosed shoes and a minimum of shorts and t-shirt. Singlet and small football shorts are not permitted, although long pants are recommended.

 Once you know what group you are, you must go the pre-stage area marked on the map at the designated time on the schedule for driver's briefing and scrutineering. Your drivers briefing and scrutineering session will be up to an hour before your driving session. It is also a good chance to watch other cars and learn the course. Make sure you have your car ready before you head over so you pass scrutineering first attempt. It's quite a simple checklist really:

 - Battery secure (you can buy battery brackets from parts stores if yours is lost or broken)

- All loose objects out of the car (bring a plastic tub or use a mates car)

- No fluid leaking onto the ground (check this the day before the event)

- Sufficient tread left on your tires (safety first)

- Suspension, braking and steering system in working order

- Working seatbelts

In the driver's briefing you will be shown the track layout, given some pointers and safety information and run through how the motorkhana works. It's quite simply really. Line up at the start line inside the timing box, when told to go by the clerk of course, drive the course as fast as you can and then make sure you slow down and stop in the finishing box. Then go back around to line up and do it again! A map of the track layout will be given to you on the day to study.

There is also going to be some exhibition runs of cars you've seen on the show as well as friends of the show who are bringing some awesome vehicles to come and try and set a time.

For more info about MCM Nationals, check out the Facebook event and let us know if you're coming along.